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Garden Treatments

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Carl manages the Garden Treatment branch of Newleaf Horticulture.
Call Carl on 021 406 444 or email him, for an obligation free quote.


My name is Carl, I manage the Garden Treatments department of New Leaf Horticulture. I started working for the company in 2007 after working in my local Kings Garden Centre for 2 years, and trying my hand at just about every trade there is prior to that. I really enjoyed working at the Kings, even though for the first year I worked every Sunday, which was the busiest day of the week, lifting about 1000 bags of compost into customers' cars. The people were great, and I've always had an interest in plants and horticulture. One day while working, I was introduced to Bruce (the owner of New Leaf), who was looking for a new employee at the time. And I was that employee! 

Since then I have bought and paid off my own spray truck, and had fun along the way. I've learnt a lot about gardens, insects, fertilising, and general garden health in New Zealand conditions, and I really enjoyed watching our customers gardens flourish all year round. I have been using the Aquaticus products in both residential properties and commercial nurseries/garden centres for years. I have a firm belief in the organic Aquaticus products because I have seen the results! And so have our happy customers.

Now our goal is to take our company to the next level, increase our productivity, quality, and provide the best possible customer service. The launch of our website is a step in that direction. 

So if you're looking to increase your garden's health, or fix an urgent bug problem, give us a call and we can help you out.

Wishing you and your garden the best,


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At New Leaf, we believe the most effective ingredients for your gardens come from nature.
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New Leaf, thank you so much from the bottom of our garden's VERY HEALTHY HEART!!!
Melissa Grove
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