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Newleaf's Mission and Vision provide the strategic foundation for the organisation's future. While the Mission explains Newleaf's core purpose, the Vision articulates the anticipated future state of the company.


To offer the best and most comprehensive advice, service and products to our customers, at an affordable and competitive level, for integrating natural alternatives into their environment for the overall health and benefit of their plants and gardens.

Newleaf - natural advice and service for "Amazing Gardens,.........Naturally."®


For Newleaf to provide its customers with innovative, natural solutions that will establish and maintain optimum health of their plants and gardens through sustainability, value and effect.


We aim to be a leader in promoting the benefits of the use of natural products, as well as promoting safe horticultural practices across all spectrums of horticultural care. As such, our business is committed to preserving a healthier environment and to inspire - through our success - a fundamental shift toward environmental responsibility in the horticultural industry.


We have developed a family of natural products that are very affordable, and aim to ensure that our products are available in a form that is convenient and easy to use. The business will also endeavour to keep natural growing solutions cost effective compared with chemical alternatives.


We will provide a wide range of exceptionally high quality products that are highly effective, and will continue to produce excellent results for our customers, and to maintain optimum health of their plants and gardens.

Operating Principles

Newleaf has expressed three operating principles that are central to the way in which the organisation conducts its business. They are the fundamental beliefs that shape how Newleaf will grow and govern its practices.


Consumers demand products  that work and that they can feel good about using. Newleaf offers innovative natural solutions to customers who want superior performance, unique packaging and outstanding results.


Our reliability is our strength, for all facets of our operations. Newleaf's ability to deliver on its promises is what stes us apart from our competition, and what makes us the supplier of choice for quality marine based fertilisers.


We continue to address consumer's needs in garden care and insect control through great products, unmatched service and outstanding value. We will strive to understand the priorities of today's gardeners, and to provide organic solutions to meet their needs.

About us

At New Leaf, we believe the most effective ingredients for your gardens come from nature.
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What our customers say

New Leaf, thank you so much from the bottom of our garden's VERY HEALTHY HEART!!!
Melissa Grove
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