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Bruce, the founding owner of New Leaf Horticulture, has a wealth of horticultural knowledge that spans a 30 year period. His apprenticeship started with George Rainey in West Auckland, followed by a year at Massey University in Palmerston North. He spent 5 years in Australia where he ran a small landscaping business, and on his return to New Zealand, started this company in 1996.
Bruce has always had a desire to have an organic farm, and has managed to incorporate this into the bottling branch of the company which is based in the heart of the Rangitikei amongst a variety of bossy, free-range animals who have far too much to say in the day to day running of things.
His passion is to see New Zealand's natural resources used to improve soil quality which has a direct impact on plant and animal quality. This is reflected in the free-range meat that is grown on the farm which is of the highest standard.
When not looking after your garden, his idea of relaxing is to produce a tasty meal from home-grown meat and produce, and enjoy it with a glass of excellent New Zealand wine. 
Bruce spends a fair amount of time commuting between Auckland and the farm, and when the weather is good, manages to do this on his motorbike. 

Andrea, our Admin and Accounts guru based in the Auckland Office, has years of Horticultural experience managing various nurseries. We are lucky enough to have her wealth of knowledge to make sense of the amazing amount of paperwork a small business generates. When not in front of the computer, Andrea spends time with her two gorgeous children or creating works of art with her camera.

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At New Leaf, we believe the most effective ingredients for your gardens come from nature.
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New Leaf, thank you so much from the bottom of our garden's VERY HEALTHY HEART!!!
Melissa Grove
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